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1、 主旨题一般提问词有title, mainly, focus, concern about, theme, learn from等。


2、 文章推论(看结论句),提问词有infer, imply, conclude, ,purpose,intend to等。


②段落推论(for example, for instance)先举例后总结看段落最后一句;先总结后举例看段落第一句,有转折和总结的看其后面。

3、 作者态度:attitude, tone


Concern(关心)indifferent(漠不关心)objective客观的 subjective主观的, positive肯定的support 支持的negative否定的, Agreeing赞成的opposite 反对的doubtful怀疑的 critical批评的favorable支持的optimistic 乐观的 pessimistic 悲观的

4、 词义解释

答案出处:①要特别小心中心词 ②关键词定位回文章,一般上下句有单词重复。③猜词(可以通过上下句连词猜,也可以通过词根猜)

5、 对错排除:which of the following statement about XX is true ? (incorrect, false, except,not true )


6、 查细节:关键词定位回归找关键词,大写,数字,地名,人名等,ABCD重复3到4个相同的词就是关键词。



I had in my hand a sheet of paper with handwritten instructions on it for some sort of editorial taskIt occurred at first that I did not recognize the handwritingand then I realized whose it must beI finally became aware of the fact that I had been working with this colleague for at least a yearmaybe twoand yet I did not recognize her handwriting at that point

51Why was the author surprised at not recognizing his colleague’s handwriting?

AHe had worked with his colleague long enough

BHis colleague’s handwriting was so beautiful

CHis colleague’s handwriting was so terrible

DHe still had a lot of work to do


2004年广州市中考)In 1770, Wolfgand Kempelen ( 1734 -1804) built a wooden robot called Turk that was able to play chess (SUR). It played very well and even beat some of the top chess players of the time! Later it was found that Turk was not real. Inside the box machine was a chess player.

60. Turk         

A. was able to play chess very well

B. was only a dream of Wolfgand Kempelen

C. was made of wood

D. was really Wolfgund Kempelen himself


I see the girl that is sing in the corner


③状语从句优先理解主句,如有转折,but, however, yet,应理解这些词的后面。

2004广东学位英语Although people clearly admire the long legs of Brazilian model Ana Hickmann or Dolly Parton's breasts, in general humans like averages.

31. Which of the following can best describe the main idea of Paragraph 1?

A. The way to define the face of a criminal.

B. Most people admire the long legs of Ana Hickmann or Dolly Parton's breasts.

C. Darwin's cousin F. Ualton was the first person who began to define faces.

D. The relation between the face of the villain and the faces of averages.

The issue here is not the accuracy of Tolstoy’s description--it seems not that far off from historical accounts but his choice of facts: other things that could be said of the man are not said.

51. Tolstoy’s description of Napoleon in War and Peace is _________.

A. far from the historical facts

B. based on the Russian history

C. based on his selection of facts

D. not related to historical details


Trees are useful to man in three very important ways: they provide him with wood and other products; they give him shade; and they help to prevent droughts (干旱) and floods

6. What is the most important function of trees?
A. Providing fuel.               B. Offering shade.
C. Preventing natural disaster.     D. Providing wood.

⑤ 句子中有双引号引起的词是为重点,破折号,冒号等后面的解释是为重点

Do you want to live with a strong sense of peacefulness, happiness, goodness, and self- respect? The collection of happiness actions broadly categorized as "honor" help you create this life of good feelings.

50. Which of the following can be the best title of this passage.*

A. How to Live Truthfully B. Importance of Peacefulness

C. Ways of Gaining Self-respect D. Happiness through Honorable Actions



段落中 but, however, yet, finally, so,as a result, turn out, latest, moreover, what more, most important, 等表达转折与总结的地方。尤其是前4个单词出现的句子基本上就是答案所在。

注意答案的相对与绝对,一般情况下,正确答案会显得比较相对,(may, might, can, often, usually, could, sometimes, probable, possible, probably, certain, some,be able to, shouldalmost, nearly, majorityseems, likely (like to) look,remain ,every day,绝对词一般不是正确答案(only, all, every, always,never,must, have to,the most, entirely, utterly,whole completely, absolutely----慎重使用,往往用在两个模糊不清的答案时。


表达保留的概念一般是解:still , leave, rest, dailyevery day,mean, title

、表达趋势的概念一般是解:trend,new, aware,  threat(hazard), potentian, development,advacne, improve,

、表达影响的概念一般是解:influnce, efficient, no less than,base, fundamentally

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